We are open for inside dining.

We are now open to have inside dining! Reservations are strongly encouraged for the evenings. Please call the Clubhouse 507-825-2592. Pick up is also available.  Our staff has taken great precautions to keep everyone safe. Please remember that social distancing is still very important. We look forward to serving you!!


We are now open for golfing. At this time you MUST have a tee time! We have a list of rules and regulations that must be followed per the Minnesota Golf Association.Golf-specific outdoor guidelines are addressed below:
  • Adapt practices to allow physical distancing of at least 6 feet;
  • Postpone or cancel events, such as fishing or golf tournaments or concerts, that encourage people to congregate;
  • Minimize face-to-face employee and customer interaction. Implement online or other contactless measures to take reservations and payments, or to purchase supplies such as gas or bait;
  • Do not allow the public access to indoor facilities, except for bathroom facilities, facilities that provide food and beverage for take-out;
  • Remove to the extent possible objects that could be frequently touched, such as golf ball washers, rakes, and water coolers. Take measures such as raising cups on golf course to reduce the need to touch the inside of the cup, and leaving the flag stick in golf holes at all times. Encourage customers to avoid touching other customers’ items such as golf clubs or other recreational equipment;
  • At golf courses, ensure that those sharing golf carts are from the same household; otherwise, single rider carts only. Golf carts must be cleaned and sanitized before and after each use;
  • Arrange outings such as tee times to have staggered, spaced out timing and ensure physical distancing of 6 feet is implemented.
  Lets make sure we follow these rules so we can all enjoy and have be safe. Please come to the North window (by putting green) to be helped. If you have any questions feel free to call the Clubhouse at 507-825-2592 or Cj at 507-820-1083.

Pipestone Country Club

Courtesy of Brad Smidt

2020 Club Champions


Men's Club Championship

1st: Kevin Enerson (Right)
2nd: Brady Legler (Center)
3rd: McCaden Biever (Left)


Ladies Club Championship

1st:  Emma Budden (Center)
2nd: Mardi Enerson (Left)
3rd: Brooke Legler (Right)

Executive Champions

1st :  Jerry Thompson (Center)
2nd: Tim Rustad (Left)
3rd : Shane Rath (Right)
Sr handicap

Senior Handicap Champions

1st :Lyle Gillen (Center) & Bob Vanorny (Right)
2nd: Dave Smith (Left)
Legends championship

Legend Champions

1st:  Jim Stout (Right)
2nd: Steve Morgan (Right-Center)
3rd: Bill Olsen (Left)
4th: Bob Morgan (Center-Left)
Sr championship

Senior Champions

1st:  Marv Hilgeman (Center)
2nd: Duane Hess (Left)
3rd: Denny Lange (Right)

Calendar of Events

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Pipestone Golf & Country Club provides numerous special events for the golfer and non-golfer.

View our coming events and complete season schedule.

Reserve your tee time today

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Call the club at 507-825-2592 to reserve your spot on the course.